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Greetings and Welcome ... Its Atul's Home Page

FRIENDS ........

Are always in my heart

The more you have the better it is.....

About Myself

I am a student of Master of Technology (Computer Sc. and Engg) at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur , INDIA. Before this (and after completing my B.E.) I managed a franchise of Brilliants Computer Centre for three years at Saharanpur, India.

I am from a small city called Tehri Garhwal. I am proud of being from the land of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath, and Kedarnath. I love the nature and its beauty. I suggest every one to visit The Valley of Flowers, a great gift of nature, in Garhwal Himalaya.

I like watching sports on TV, reading newspapers and magazines, discussion on politics, music on HMV Records, and of course Computers. In newspapers I like the articles of Arun Shourie most.

And above all I love sleeping.

My Education

Now some links.

As they say, every good home page should have some links, so I am also putting some links here.


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  • Chess
  • Sports Line USA


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  • Lion's Den (MGM/United Artists Home Page)
  • Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
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  • IEEE Computer Society
  • ACM, The first society in computing
  • Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics

    Study Study more Study

  • Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)
  • Information on where to find money for college
  • Sites which can assist academics looking for a educational resources on the Net

    I am a Hindu and I am proud of its heritage and beliefs.

    Know about Hinduism

    Bhagavad-gita As It Is

    All suggestions for improvement are welcome. You can reach me at

    Atul Dobhal

    E-202, Hall-IV

    I.I.T. Kanpur-208016